Giligums launches in SA with new sensory teethers and toothbrushes

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Every milestone your baby reaches is exciting, but teething is the one that comes with the most challenges. Synonymous with sleepless nights, sore gums, irritable and miserable babies and therefore just as miserable mamas. Anyone who has ever had a baby will know that soothing and solving the teething disruption is a number one priority. 

Mothers are bombarded with loads of products that are quickly classified as necessities but don’t do the job. Choosing a teether can be overwhelming: what will my babe like best? Which shape is most beneficial, what material to choose, are there added benefits and what to avoid? Introducing GiliGums, baby teethers to help ease the pain of teething.

Developed with speech therapists in Europe they ensure optimal oral development, while still being entertaining and ultimately soothing. GiliGums are 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone, BPA -free and safe to put in microwaves, dishwashers, and other sterilizers. Baby is drawn to more pliable materials, so silicone teethers are a great choice. The Mushroom Teether, its distinct shape replicating the mother’s breast, is easy to hold, strengthens babe’s grip and improves spatial awareness. While soothing tender gums it also both calms and stimulates the baby’s senses. There is no doubt that it helps get babies through teething discomfort while exploring different senses, feelings, shapes and textures. 

Speech therapist: Catherine Barry on GiliGums Mushroom Teether “I really like this teether because it encourages the safe mouthing of objects, which is an important developmental skill. Important oro-motor skills like side-to-side tongue movement and the development of the strength and precision of the oral structures involved in clear speech is encouraged by the use of this teether. This is also a good alternative to dummy use (which can negatively impact oro-motor development as well as the development of clear speech) while retaining the soothing and calming benefits.”

Into the mouths of babes

Many moms don’t know when to start using teethers. According to Barry, as soon as your baby starts to put everything in their mouth you can hand them an easy-to-grip GiliGums teether, which you know is safe, has added sensory benefits while soothing those gums and babes will love it. Barry also recommends the following four points to keep in mind when shopping for a teether: 

Durability – one does not want to replace a favourite teether within a few weeks. Choose a teether that is made from sturdy silicone for optimum use and won’t fall apart after a few gnaws.

Cleaning – Teethers are made to be in your baby’s mouth so make sure that the one you choose is easily cleaned and sterilised. No mother, especially one with a miserable, teething babe, has time for an impossible cleaning task. Think dishwasher, microwave-safe, steriliser-friendly and good old hot water safe.

Budget – this is an important one, you may choose to have more than one, but don’t choose a teether that will break your bank. Affordability is an important feature when picking out any item.

Design – Don’t just pick out the cutest design without thinking it through. Easy to grip and fitting inside your little one’s mouth is probably the most important features. The continual dropping of a teether is not only frustrating for babe, and mom, but also means cleaning at each pick-up. Along with shape, one needs to think about textures, which add to soothing when chewed on. And finally, steer away from small bits that could break off and lead to choking.

Baby steps to oral hygiene

Along with teething comes oral hygiene. The Giligums silicone toothbrushes in either a cactus or snail shape are also an excellent choice. These toothbrushes double as teethers and soothe with their soft bristles, which give aching gums the extra love that they need. Again, they are easy to grip and jumpstart healthy oral hygiene habits.

GiliGums makes the experience of teething a whole lot easier for mom and babe. As babies are desperate for relief from the teething pain, they want to bite, gnaw and soothe those irritated gums. Cutting teeth is a major milestone for every baby and painful, GiliGums is a silicone paradise for teething babies, making this milestone memorable in a far better way, whether it is to soothe those endless pains or begin the journey of oral hygiene. 


GiliGums is available online at, at all Baby City stores, selected DisChems, Baby Boom, Toy Kingdom, and Hamley’s stores nationwide.


Sensory Mushroom Teether R229.90 

Toothbrush Cactus Green R149.99 

Snail Toothbrush R189.99

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