Sprout Expands Family Wellness Offering with Morphée Sleep Solutions

by Tia

In response to the growing importance of quality sleep for families, Sprout, a leading South African e-commerce retailer committed to offering innovative and sustainable imported family wellness products, is excited to announce the expansion of its offerings to include Morphée sleep solutions. Morphée, a renowned brand known for its non-digital sleep aids, has garnered worldwide acclaim for its groundbreaking approach to stress reduction and sleep enhancement.

Sprout’s expansion aligns with the global wellness trend and the increasing need for respite from our fast-paced lives. As Olivier van der Schroeff, Sprout’s Business Director for Africa, explains, “The recent surge in sleep deprivation underscores the pressing importance of addressing sleep challenges in our modern society. With the inclusion of Morphée, we are dedicated to curating a selection of products that enhance the holistic well-being of our consumers.”

French-designed Morphée sleep solutions, developed by a global team of medical experts and sophrologists, are designed to soothe and gently guide listeners into a restful and deeper sleep, while disconnecting them from the harmful health effects of screen exposure before bedtime. The range also includes The Little Morphée, a bedtime companion suitable for children, and The Morphée Zen, a pocket-friendly gadget designed to alleviate anxiety ‘on the go’ by users of all ages. Today, Morphée stands as a global pioneer in improving sleep quality and well-being for over 700,000 people worldwide.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sprout to make our Morphée sleep solutions available to more customers across South Africa,” says Daniella, Brand Director for Morphée South Africa. “Since our launch a few months ago, Morphee has been listed with YuppieChef and Faithful, among others. In response to the growing emphasis on family wellness, we are uniting with Sprout to deliver premium sleep products, prioritising family well-being and enhancing their sleep quality.”

In addition to Morphée’s offerings, Sprout will continue to stock its award-winning range of baby bottles, pacifiers, and cups from the renowned Dutch brand Difrax. Both Morphée and Difrax share a common goal of enhancing family wellness through innovative products tailored to address specific needs.

Dutch-designed Difrax, a trusted name in baby care for over 55 years in the EU, offers a diverse range of products designed to support newborns and infants, easing the parenting journey for both mothers and fathers. Much like Morphée’s commitment to improving sleep quality and reducing stress, Difrax specialises in providing relief from colic, contributing to a happier baby and a happier family. Additionally, we are excited to announce the introduction of brand-new products to our range in the next month or two, further expanding our commitment to supporting parents and their little ones.

Furthermore, both brands emphasise the importance of inclusivity in parenting, acknowledging that the role of caregivers extends beyond traditional gender roles. By providing products that address the diverse needs of caregivers, Difrax and Morphée acknowledge the collaborative nature of parenting, promoting active participation from all family members and nurturing a supportive atmosphere.

This partnership between Sprout, Morphée, and Difrax underscores a shared dedication to providing families with holistic solutions that prioritise well-being at every stage of life. As families continue to seek products that enhance their quality of life and promote wellness, Sprout remains at the forefront, offering a curated selection of brands that embody these values.

Looking ahead, Sprout is poised to further expand its offerings within the realms of family wellness. This commitment to innovation reaffirms Sprout’s dedication to providing effective, high-quality options that foster well-being and sustainability across all facets of life.

Visit Sprout’s website or store to explore the new range of Morphée sleep solutions, Difrax baby care products, and other family wellness offerings.

Website: https://sprout-store.com, IG handle: sprout_storeza

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