Making travelling easier with your potty training toddler

by Justin

Travelling with a toddler who is still potty training can be overwhelming on both parent and toddler. But as the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’.

Hopefully the tips below will make the process less stressful and more fun!

1. Try and plan your route Work out a scheduled time to be in the car and some possible places to stop in case of emergency.

2. Always have backups Even if you are just travelling to the park or heading to your vacation, you’ll want to carry an extra set of clothes for your child.

3. Explain to toddler beforehand We don’t always know how scary the big world seems for our toddler, therefore its best to talk to them and explain the different routine in the potty training to prepare them.

4. Public bathrooms can be overwhelming Train with your toddler to prepare by visiting public restrooms to make it less daunting for them and to make travelling with them easier. Remember to have wet wipes and sanitiser on hand.

5. Make it fun Try and make the process fun and less frightening by making them wear headphones with their favourite tunes or a sing along to distract them.

When flying with a potty-training toddler

Visit the toilets often: It’s important to take them to the toilet when you get to the airport and before boarding, even if they say they don’t have to go.

Have a Plan B: Have pull-up nappies ready (even over underwear) just in case you can’t get to the bathroom in time or if they have an ‘accident ‘whilst sleeping, especially on long flights or drives. Dealing with a soiled car seat on a road trip is not fun!

Pack a travel potty for toddlers on the airplane: Some toddlers are not comfortable with big toilets therefore it’s best to invest in a small travel potty to make the process less stressful for them.

Washing soap: Pack a small container of laundry detergent in case of emergency if you quickly have to wash a soiled item in the sink.

Last but not least. Reward little one for being such a good sport and for putting on their ‘big’ boy/girl pants.

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