Addressing South Africa’s Most Bothersome Skincare Challenges

Oat-Powered Solutions from Global Skincare brand AVEENO® launch in South Africa

by Tia

AVEENO®, a global dermatologist tested skincare brand launches a new range of oat-powered skincare solutions in South Africa on 1 March 2024. Aveeno® leverages the properties of oats to nourish and strengthen sensitive skin8, an issue that over 70 % of South African’s grapple with according to a recent survey1.

The study conducted by IPSOS in March 20221, states that over 70 % of South African consumers suffer from bothersome skin conditions related to the characteristics of dry, sensitive skin. Individuals affected by these conditions commonly experience rough skin, persistent itchiness, lack of suppleness, dry patches, tightness, and skin irritation.

Navigating this prevalent issue, Aveeno® is built upon the commitment to combine scientific research with selected ingredients found in nature, to help South Africans with nourishing skincare solutions, so even the most sensitive skin feels soothed and moisturised.

The brand introduces three distinct ranges for adults and babies to address South Africa’s diverse skincare needs.

Aveeno®’s Daily Moisture range nourishes normal to dry skin. The Aveeno® Skin Relief range relieves very dry and itchy skin. The Skin Relief Moisturising lotion helps restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and relieves itchy skin within 60 seconds. The Aveeno® Dermexa range helps relieve five common signs associated with eczema-prone skin, including improvements in skin hydration, redness, dryness, scaling, and itching6,7. The baby skin care range is crafted specifically for baby skin to address sensitive skin conditions, formulated for normal to dry, very dry, itchy and eczema prone skin.

Aveeno®’s unique soothing triple oat complex* leverages the properties of oats to nourish and strengthen sensitive skin8. Oat extract helps with reduction in redness and itchy skin3, while oat oil locks in moisture, protects against moisture loss and induces ceramide production2. Completing the trio of nature-inspired ingredients, oat flour, a natural humectant, hydrates and nourishes4, presenting a holistic approach to skincare.

The brand has a dual commitment—to provide effective relief through a carefully selected range of products and to build South Africa’s first and best photographic collection of skin conditions as they present on all skin types. “Information about skincare that’s easy to understand and relatable for most South Africans is scarce. We’re also not all comfortable enough in our skin to discuss skin bothersome issues, Aveeno is here to change that”, says Edna Mohale – Maphita, Head of Marketing Kenvue SSA**.

The launch campaign, “In My Skin,” embodies the essence of self-acceptance and pride, celebrating individuality and diverse stories. The brand invites every South African to embrace healthy-looking, beautiful, and diverse skin.

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