Healing Shouldn’t Be a Pain

by Media Xpose

One of the paradoxical side effects of healthcare and medicine is that often it’s the things that hurt a little or cause us some form of discomfort that heal us and make us better. Think about injections and medicine for instance. Completely necessary and always helpful, but not something we look forward to, adults and kids alike.

Thinking about it there are few medical solutions out there that don’t come with a little bit of a ‘no pain, no gain’ disclaimer attached to them. (Until now that is, but we’ll get to that shortly). As adults this is something we expect, we are both used to it, and can process it, no matter how unfair it is nor how grumpy it makes us. But we hate that our kids have to learn to get used to it too. Which is why we are so proud of our latest catalogue addition, the new NEXCARE™ DUO.

As parents our default setting is the comfort and protection of those we love. This comes in various forms, like kisses for cuts on small fingers and hugs for grazed knees… but before this final act of tenderness though, there is cleaning the wound, that hurts and then of course, there are the plasters applied. These are a welcome form of gentle protection, keeping cuts and abrasions clean and safe, so that our kids can keep on playing and enjoying life. This is of course… until the plaster must come off, and it must.

For years plaster manufacturers have been working to find a solution to the painful removal of the very thing that has been invented to protect our wounds and therefore ease our pains. Mostly this process has been about trying to find a balance between the longevity of the plaster and the ease of its removal – no small feat if would seem. However, we are happy to say, we have found it – the perfect balance. Say hello to NEXCARE™ DUO and goodbye to ‘flinch face.’

Our NEXCARE™ Duo is tough while on (it protects minor cuts, scratches, and wounds for us to 24 hours), but gentle on the way off. Indeed, this is finally, a plaster as it should be i.e., pain free.

How NEXCARE™ DUO works:

  • A durable flexible fabric that allows for the skin to stretch and move underneath its application, preventing further discomfort.
  • Breathable backing which allows the skin to breath.
  • Proprietary silicone advanced adhesive. Keeps it secure, but is gentle on removal.
  • Non-stick pad that is soft on the wound, cut or scratch, protecting it from further damage and pain.
  • 360-degree protection around the pad, so that there is no sticking to the actual wound, and a safe area is created.
  • Up to 24-hour hold for around the clock protection.

Benefits of NEXCARE™ DUO:

  • It keeps the minor wound or scratch clean and protected for up to 24 hours.
  • It doesn’t activate ‘flinch face’ upon removal.

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