How to Boost Your Immune System

by Tia

Keeping your immune system strong is important for staying healthy.1 But how do we do it?

Cepacol®, the brand known for its sore throat lozenges and hot medication, highlights ways to boost your immune system.

Eat a Balanced Diet: A healthy immune system starts with proper nutrition. Make sure to include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet.2

Get Sufficient Sleep: During sleep, your body repairs and renews cells, which is why it is said that at least eight hours sleep is very important.  Eight hours of sleep every night helps develop better antibody response when exposed to a virus.3

Stay Hydrated: Drinking water keeps nasal passages moist (enhancing defence against viruses), improves blood circulation (enabling faster response from white blood cells), and boosts oxygen levels (for toxin removal and faster recovery).4

Exercise Regularly: Engaging in regular physical activity has numerous benefits, including boosting your immune system. Aim for at least 30-45 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity four to five times a week.5

Manage Stress Levels: Chronic stress can suppress your immune system, making you more susceptible to infections.1 Find healthy ways to manage stress, such as practicing meditation11a, deep breathing exercises11b, yoga11c, or engaging in hobbies11d that you enjoy.

Practice Good Hygiene: Practicing good hygiene habits can help prevent the spread of germs and reduce your risk of catching a cold. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.6

Consider The Flu Vaccination: Annual flu shots can help reduce the severity and duration of flu symptoms if you do happen to catch the virus.7

How the Cepacol® Cough & Cold Range Can Provide Relief

Cepacol® understands the daily needs of individuals experiencing cold or flu symptoms, so they have developed comprehensive solutions. With various formats available, such as lozenges, throat sprays, medicated drinks, and syrups, Cepacol® makes it convenient to find the perfect solution for your needs.

The Cepacol® Cough & Cold range includes a variety of products packed with multiple benefits:

1. Cepacol® Cough & Cold Syrup8: Offers targeted relief for a persistent cough, congestion, and sore throat. Formulated with ivy leaf and pelargonium, it provides cough relief while combating cold and flu symptoms with their antibacterial and antiviral properties. The non-drowsy formulation is alcohol-free, making it safe to be taken from the age of six.

2. Cepacol® Plus Cough & Cold Syrup9: Specifically designed for night-time relief, this syrup addresses two troublesome symptoms: coughing and nasal congestion. It combines ivy leaf, pelargonium, and valerian extract, offering night-time cough relief.

3. Cepacol® Throat Spray10: This throat spray combines ivy leaf, pelargonium, and menthol. It quickly numbs the throat, providing temporary pain and discomfort relief.

Cepacol® understands the daily needs of individuals experiencing cold or flu symptoms, which is why they have developed these comprehensive solutions. With their range of products, there’s a Cepacol® option for everyone.

So, if you’re dealing with cold, cough, or flu symptoms, there’s a Cepacol® for that!

Cepacol®’s range of products is available at leading pharmacies and retailers nationwide. For more information, visit and join the conversation on Facebook.

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