Myth: Teething Causes High Fevers…

by Tia

A popular myth suggests that teething babies often have fevers. However, this isn’t accurate and can be potentially risky. If your baby has a fever, it’s essential to address it properly and not assume it’s due to teething.1a Turn to Panado® to break your tot’s fever.

Teething is a natural process that typically occurs in babies aged between six and 30 months,1b lasting about two years.1c Teething is a source of parental concern and many unrelated illnesses are blamed on teething despite little scientific proof to support these beliefs.1d

Signs of teething in babies

Some babies sail through teething effortlessly, but for others, it’s a trying period. Every baby experiences teething differently, and the symptoms can vary.2a

Common signs of teething include drooling, fussiness, the urge to bite or suck on objects, and refusing food.2b These symptoms can persist for days or even months as a new tooth emerges through the gums.2c

Research, however, tells us that while teething can possibly cause a mildly raised temperature (still under 38° C),3a it isn’t typically the cause of things like a high fever (over 38° C), 3b neither are coughs, stuffy noses,3c,d sleep troubles,3e rashes3f (other than facial rashes), vomiting3g or more frequent nappy changes due to diarrhoea3h.

While teething can be uncomfortable for your baby, there are ways to manage your child’s pain.

Panado®’s paediatric range includes peppermint flavoured syrup in convenient 5ml sachets, strawberry4 flavoured syrup, peppermint flavoured alcohol and sugar-free syrup5, peppermint flavoured infant drops6 with a dosage dropper and recently launched grape flavoured syrup which is colourant-free, tartrazine-free, alcohol-free and sugar-free7.

Always administer using a medicine measure or a syringe. Do not exceed the recommended dose.  Dosage details can be found at and are calculated according to your child’s age and weight. 

Parents trust8 Panado® to fight their little one’s pain and provide fast9 relief when needed most.  Panado® products are available at Baby City, Pick n Pay, Checkers, including Hypers, Shoprite, Clicks, Dis-Chem, and Independent Pharmacies. For more information, visit and join the conversations onFacebook.

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