Natura Rescue: Your First Aid for Emotional Well-Being

by Tia

In life, we all encounter moments of emotional turbulence, whether it’s coping with grief, experiencing sleepless nights due to worry, battling nervousness before an important meeting, or recovering from emotional shock after an awful experience, we all need a little extra support sometimes.

That is where Natura Rescue, a trusted homeopathic remedy, steps in as your first aid for emotions, guiding you on the path to calm and emotional well-being.

Natura Rescue has been the preferred, natural choice of many South African families and professionals since 1966.

Why Choose Natura Rescue for Emotional Support?

Natura Rescue has been the preferred choice of South African families and professionals since 1966. Its long-standing reputation makes it a trusted solution for emotional well-being for the whole family.

The unique Bach flower-Homeopathic combination in Natura Rescue is specially designed to help you cope with emotional challenges.

The Four Formats of Natura Rescue

Natura Rescue Drops

The drops are the original version of Natura Rescue.

How to use the Drops:

  • Adults can take 10 drops directly on the tongue or diluted in a little water.
  • Children take 5 drops.
  • For acute use, Rescue may be taken up to every 15 minutes. Reduce the frequency of use with relief of feelings.
  • For general relief and daily maintenance, Rescue should be taken 3 times daily.
  • All energy remedies should ideally not be taken together with strong tasting or aromatic substances such as strong coffee, chocolate, peppermint, etc. which may interfere with the flower essences and homeopathic components.
  • Natura Rescue is also recommended for use in Jungle Juice, a popular recipe for breastfeeding moms to help boost breastmilk supply.

Natura Rescue Spray

The Natura Rescue Spray is a travel-sized companion with a slightly sweet taste, thanks to the inclusion of glycerol. It is easy to carry in your pocket, to use whenever it’s needed, and also perfect for use by school-going children to help them cope better during the day, especially for those who battle with anticipatory nervousness. If you are sending your child to school with Natura Rescue spray – please guide them on how to use it best and encourage them not to share it with others.

How to use the spray:

  • Adults take 3 sprays into the mouth. Children take 1-2 sprays.
  • For acute use, Rescue may be taken up to every 15 minutes. Reduce the frequency with relief of feelings.
  • For general relief, Rescue should be taken 3 times daily.
  • Rescue spray contains alcohol and glycerol.

Natura Rescue Tablets

Designed for busy families, Natura Rescue Tablets offer a convenient solution. The Natura Rescue family pack features 150 tablets that can be easily dissolved in the mouth or under the tongue. They’re perfect for everyone in the family, providing support when you need it most.

Tablets: How to use

  • Adults: 2 tablets sucked or dissolved in the mouth. Children take 1 tablet.
  • For acute use, Rescue may be taken up to every 15 minutes. Reduce the frequency with relief of feelings.

Natura Rescue Melts for Babies

Natura Rescue extends its gentle benefits to even the youngest members of your family.

These quick-dissolving melts are specially developed to assist in relieving feelings of distress, restlessness, and tearfulness in infants and babies.

Here’s how to use them:

  • For newborn babies, dissolve the melt between your fingers (a little bit of baby’s milk can help) and rub it on the baby’s tongue.
  • For infants up to the age of 1, dissolve 1 melt in a little bit of boiled and cooled water.
  • For toddlers, simply let the melt dissolve in the mouth.

The Power of Homeopathic Ingredients in Natura Rescue

Natura Rescue’s effectiveness lies in its unique blend of flower essences, each with its own set of coping properties:

  • Ambra grisea: Helps combat nervousness, shyness, and sleeplessness caused by overthinking or emotional turmoil.
  • Star of Bethlehem: Offers solace and comfort in moments of shock, whether from bad news, an accident, or fright.
  • Rock Rose: Alleviates fear and panic, such as those experienced during nightmares.
  • Cherry Plum: Assists in regaining control in situations where it feels like you’re losing it, often characterized by nervous talk or obsessive questioning.
  • Clematis: Ideal for countering the inability to focus on reality and the present, particularly useful in cases of shock.
  • Impatiens Flower: Acts on the nervous system to help relieve irritability, restlessness, hyperactivity, and impatience.
  • Banisteriopsis Caapi: Soothes feelings of over-sensitivity and when emotionally scattered, especially before important events.
  • Melissa Officinalis: Induces restful sleep, calms, and soothes irritability.

Choose Natura Rescue for Emotional Well-Being for the whole family

Natura Rescue is manufactured in a SAHPRA Licensed Facility.
All Natura Rescue ingredients are quality tested in the CoMed Health Laboratory.
Natura Rescue has not been evaluated by SAHPRA for quality, safety, or intended use.

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