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Elastoplast:  We’ve Got You Covered

GREEN & PROTECT: Elastoplast launches its first climate-neutralised plasters made from naturally derived fibres*

For 100 years, Elastoplast, has you and your family covered when it comes to taking care of those bumps and scrapes, turning children’s tears into smiles and worries into relief.  Now the brand is caring for children’s future too, with new eco-friendly plasters. Elastoplast is taking responsibility, not only for families and consumers, but also for our environment and our society – to ensure a positive, life-changing impact that starts with wound care but goes much, much further.

Elastoplast is at the forefront of developing sustainable wound care concepts that help reduce our environmental footprint and set the sustainability benchmark within wound care. Elastoplast is committed to ambitious targets in the areas of packaging and components and pledged to continue working to minimise its environmental footprint.

GREEN & PROTECT, the brand’s first climate-neutralised plaster

The new Elastoplast GREEN & PROTECT plasters are an important part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. The new plasters are climate-neutralised, with wound pad and backing made from naturally derived fibres.  In addition, they offer:

  • Extra strong adhesion
  • Reliable wound care that blocks 99% of bacteria**
  • Latex-free

The GREEN PROTECT plasters come in two formats, either strips (20’s) or a 1 metre length which can be cut to the size you need.

From tree to treatment, from forest to family

  • With GREEN & PROTECT, Elastoplast combines performance, wound protection and sustainability.  Elastoplast has further maximised sustainability across all of its plasters’ key parts.
  • The wood, paper and carton used by Elastoplast is derived exclusively from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.
  • The release liner, backing material and wound pad all use wood types taken from FSC®-certified forests around the world.  Note: the Beiersdorf FSC® licence number is FSC® N003710.
  • The ‘box’ packaging is unbleached, 93% recycled and recyclable, and has the lowest weight possible for the material used.
  • Even the electricity used in our factory to make GREEN & PROTECT plasters is renewably sourced and responsibly offset, and all unavoidable emissions are compensated for via certified climate projects such as planting new trees or even entire forests.

All of this adds up to a plaster that is as sustainably produced as possible, without compromising reliable wound care.

So, when we say ‘We’ve got you covered. Today’s life. Tomorrow’s future’, you know we mean it.

Recommended selling prices

Elastoplast GREEN PROTECT Plasters

Pricing is

20s –   R38,99

1M – R53,99 Available from leading retail outlets, Clicks, Dischem Shoprite Checkers, Woolworths and Spar.

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