School of Elastoplast – Eben and Ox ‘school’ kids (and parents) about woundcare and strapping

by Tia

Wouldn’t you have loved Eben Etzebeth as your substitute teacher back in primary school? Imagine if your favourite sports star walked into your classroom and took over lessons for the day? What an epic experience!

So many South African kids are rugby super-fans and it’s a connecting, vibrant part of our country’s togetherness and sporting culture. And now, there’s even more engagement from some of South Africa’s role models. A child-focused educational campaign from Elastoplast launched on social media in May and stars local legends Eben Etzebeth and Ox Nche. 

The dynamite stars are subbing for the day, teaching kids all about the importance of taking care of the grazes, minor cuts and sports injuries. From the rugby field into the classroom space, our heroes will be introducing educational wound care topics in each bi-weekly episode. The Honour Roll products are Elastoplast Fabric Roll Plaster (1M and 3M), the heroes’ first choice in protecting wounds, providing support and fixation, helping to brace strains and injuries and securing dressings.  The Elastoplast Wound Spray cleansers abrasions and cuts while Elastoplast Wound Ointment aids healing.

Everyone needs a backup buddy; that mentor, teacher and coach who guides us with invaluable advice. Video demonstrations by sporting stars who kids connect with in an engaging way, means more understanding of not only why cleaning wounds and why roll plaster tape matters, but how to do it yourself (or ask mom and dad to help). Coming soon, Mr Etzebeth and Mr Nche are swopping rugby boots for school ties and teaching up a storm. They’re sure to be the most popular substitute teachers SA kids have ever met!

To watch the full videos:

Eben Etzebeth School of Elastoplast

Ox Nche School of Elastoplast

“I’m thrilled to be collaborating with this brand and have so enjoyed spending time with the children at the school for Elastoplast – it’s been a blast. These particular plasters have been a member of our family since I can remember, so it was a very natural fit for me to be part of this campaign. As a rugby player, it is of the utmost importance, that I use strapping to protect injuries and so I really saw the value in teaching the children the best way to do this.

Thank you Elastoplast.” – Eben Etzebeth

“It was truly a pleasure collaborating on the Elastoplast Campaign.  Working with a renowned brand was an enriching experience.  I particularly cherished the inclusion of the children adding a special and heartwarming touch to the project. “

– Ox Nche

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