Skin Support Redefined: skinSOOTHE, a new, proudly local, South African brand

by Media Xpose

The skinSOOTHE story started with a dog, a friend, and a few (secret) family recipes. Today, skinSOOTHE is a proudly local, South African brand. The purpose of the business is to provide consumers with a fun, safe, 100% natural, on-the-go skin support range for just about any skin irritation imaginable. The products are gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skins, non-greasy and smells great – perfect for on-the-go skin support!

The products are formulated based on the skinSOOTHE triple “N” principles:

  • Nature inspired: The products are 100% natural and formulated to provide a safe, natural alternative for the treatment of a wide variety of skin itches and irritations. PURE plant-based essential oils are the only active ingredient in all the products. Simple, effective formulas ensure products are effective, yet gentle and kind to your skin.
  • Non-greasy:  The water base used allows for a light, easy, non-greasy application that leaves no oily residue on your skin. It also allows for the quick and easy absorption of the natural essential oils by the skin, which in turn facilitates quick relief.
  • Nothing synthetic/harmful: The products are safe for frequent and continuous use. No artificial chemicals, colourants or fragrances are used. Also no alcohol, parabens, or other chemical preservatives. All the products are free from palm and mineral oils, sulphates, as well as synthetic (plant-identical) essential oils. 

Products in the range:

  • for allergy prone and itchy skin: skinSOOTHE allergies provides relief for rash, eczema, and other itchy, allergic skin reactions
  • for on-the-go fun loving families: skinSOOTHE family provides relief for itchy skin, insect bites, sunburn, razor burns, bruises, and so much more
  • for sun loving families: skinSOOTHE after sun provides relief for mild and severe sunburn and damaged or exposed skin
  • to revitilize your skin and body: skinSOOTHE spritzer assists with flushed faces, and tired, aching or burning feet and legs
  • for post operative skin care: skinSOOTHE post op prevents itching and provides relief in case skin irritations develop
  • for outdoors sport people: skinSOOTHE sport provides relief for skin and aching, overworked limbs exposed to harsh conditions
  • for nature and bush lovers: skinSOOTHE bush provides relief for skin exposed to bush hazards and harsh external conditions
  • for the little ones: skinSOOTHE kidz provides relief for itchy, irritated, and exposed children skin
  • for your furry friends: skinSOOTHE canine provides relief for rash and irritated, itchy, allergic dog skin

To get back to the dog, the friend, and the family recipes. A very handy book on how to naturally cure ailments was gathering dust on a shelf, when the founder of skinSOOTHE’s dog was diagnosed with topical dermatitis. At the time, natural and safe treatments to provide relief for the itching was limited, and the book was consulted. Recipe after recipe was tried, but nothing really provided quick enough relief.

A study of essential oils followed, and the formulation of new recipes. Over years these recipes were refined to address the skin issues of family, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and volunteers; from student’s severe sunburn after a day in the sun, to treating sensitive tattoos, bruises, bumped toes, itchy mosquito bites, itching under a back brace, aching legs, and swollen feet. The skinSOOTHE journey started with the persistent promptings from a friend to make these proven recipes more readily available.

Passionate about all things natural, preserving the environment, and social upliftment, all our products are endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

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