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How to deal with a pimple?

Ever wondered how to handle a pimple without resorting to popping it? Well, the key lies in using a product that addresses all the underlying factors responsible for its occurrence.

You’ll want something that promotes exfoliation (which typically yields better long-term results), regulates sebum production, eliminates bacteria, and reduces inflammation. Finding a single product that ticks off all these boxes might seem challenging, but Lamelle Research Laboratories has come up with a solution: Clarity Active Control.

What is Clarity Active Control?

Drawing from years of research on pimple formation and effective treatments, Clarity Active Control harnesses a unique blend of ingredients to combat pimples in a novel way, ensuring safety without adverse effects.

Formulated with specialized vitamin niacinamide and a modified form of ascorbic acid, both renowned for their efficacy against pimples, this product is specifically designed for direct application onto problem areas.

How to apply Clarity Active Control

When you notice a pimple or spot emerging, reach for Clarity Active Control. Simply apply a small amount of the gel to the affected area, gently massaging it into clean, dry skin. Repeat this process at least twice daily until the spot diminishes.

Avoid using the product as a facial lotion; instead, reserve it for targeted application on troublesome spots. For lasting results, incorporate Clarity Active Control into your comprehensive Clarity and Acnevelle Plus treatment regimens.

A Hassle-Free Acne Range Solution -Clarity clears with difference

When it comes to managing oil production, exfoliation, bacteria, and inflammation, Clarity by Lamelle has you covered. Engineered to be precise and effortless, the entire range delivers exactly what troubled skin craves – a comprehensive cleanse, hydration, and treatment.

First up, Clarity Active Cleanse is soap-free, ensuring it won’t aggravate or excessively dry out your skin. Packed with exfoliating, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, it sets the stage for clear skin. Follow up with Clarity Corrective AM and Clarity Corrective PM Plus for round-the-clock hydration and acne-fighting prowess. With a potent blend including anti-inflammatories and a safe yet highly effective retinoid, they accelerate cellular turnover, combat bacterial growth, and alleviate post-pimple hyperpigmentation. A unique ingredient in our AM and PM solution is the use of Nobiletin, this ingredient is able to shrink sebaceous cells and gland, reducing sebum (oil) production. It also makes the sebum less sticky, so that skin cells do not get trapped and cause pore blockage and congestion.

Introducing your go-to weapon

For those on the move, having a targeted treatment handy is essential. Enter Clarity Active Spot Control – your portable antibacterial ally. Formulated with salicylic acid for deep pore exfoliation and alpha hydroxy acids to slough off dead skin, it’s bolstered by panthenol and niacinamide for soothing relief and hyperpigmentation reduction. Plus, its skin-brightening vitamin C variant destroys bacteria and manages congestion while azelaic acid tackles acne, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation simultaneously.

In essence, with a targeted treatment that seamlessly integrates into your routine and fits snugly in your bag, you can effectively combat acne and flaunt a radiant complexion, even when you’re on the move!

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