Your new favourite sun protection product has landed: Hada Labo Tokyo Launches Water-Resistant Moisturising Sunscreen: Sun Lotion SPF 50

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Sun protection is everyone’s concern, no matter where you live or how you spend your days. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is the number one contributor to skin ageing. It also increases your risk of developing hyperpigmentation and skin DNA damage, as well as skin cancer.

How easily you get sunburnt depends on your skin type and tone, but the truth is that anyone can get sunburnt, and everyone’s skin is at risk of sun-induced damage.

When do we need to apply a sun protection product?

Realistically, every day. One of the biggest myths out there is that you only need to apply sun protection when you are spending extended time in the sun, like on a beach day or a long hike. Sun protection is crucial when you’re out in the sun, because the sun’s UVB rays (the rays that are responsible for sun burn) are strong on hot days. UVB rays are not as prominent during winter and on overcast days, which is why we are unlikely to experience sun burn during the colder months.

But what about UVA rays? Here’s where your motivation to apply SPF every day comes in. The sun’s UVA rays – which are responsible for accelerating skin ageing, causing dark marks, uneven skin tone, and DNA damage – are prominent all year round. They have a longer wavelength than UVB rays and are harmful to the skin even on cloudy and overcast days. The only way to prevent them from making your skin age faster is to apply sun protection every day.

Hada Labo Tokyo – the number one selling skincare brand in Japan – is known for their incredibly effective anti-ageing and hydrating skincare ranges. Their signature ingredient, Super Hyaluronic Acid, contains seven different hydrating hyaluronic acids to take your skin’s hydration to the next level.

They’ve done a lot of research to better understand consumer behaviour and skincare needs, and their latest research has revealed that 47% of women are risking their skin by failing to apply sunscreens effectively. And although there are some benefits to sun exposure, it is still essential to take daily precautions.

GP and an adviser to the Hada Labo Tokyo expert skincare panel, Dr Hilary Jones explains, “The sun is not only our primary source of vitamin D, which is important for bone health and immunity, it also supports our immune system via a range of other pathways, and plays an important part in regulating our mood and sleep patterns.

However, sunshine is one of the good things we can get too much of, and excess exposure is associated with skin ageing and damage, as well as an increased risk of melanoma. Balance is the key, and using a sun screen with at least SPF50 and UVA protection is essential to retain a balanced, and healthy, relationship with the rays.”

Hada Labo Tokyo is thrilled to expand their offering with the launch of the much-anticipated new Water-Resistant Moisturising Sunscreen: Face Cream SPF 50.

This SPF 50 face cream was designed to offer the highest protection against sunrays. It comprises top quality, photo-stable filters to shield the skin against harmful UVA and UVB radiation in a lightweight formula that feels lovely and absorbs effortlessly.

What sets it apart from other sun protection products? Besides forming an effective shield against UVA and UVB radiation, this air light cream has potent anti-ageing properties. It contains the antioxidant Panthenol, which helps to regenerate collagen and elastin, enhancing the appearance and feel of the skin. Squalene, also found in this sunscreen, is a moisturising lipid. It helps to repair the skin barrier, boosts collagen and counteracts wrinkles.

Like all the other best-selling products in the Hada Labo Tokyo range, this cream also contains their signature ingredient, Super Hyaluronic Acid. As a result, it is intensely moisturising, ensuring the skin is very well hydrated. It also has a phenomenal capacity to lock water in and keep connective tissues hydrated.

How to use your sun protection product effectively

Applying a good quality sunscreen like Hada Labo Tokyo Water-Resistant Moisturising Sunscreen: Face Cream SPF 50 every day is crucial, but it’s also crucial to apply it correctly. Be sure to follow these simple sunscreen rules to ensure your skin has full protection:

  1. More is more – be sure to apply your sun protection product generously to cover all areas of your skin, neck and décolletage.
  2. Reapply throughout the day if you’re spending time outdoors.
  3. Even if your sunscreen is water-resistant, be sure to reapply after swimming or excessive sweating.
  4. You should be using sunscreen so regularly that a bottle never gets old before it gets empty. But in the event of this happening, don’t rely on an older or expired SPF to do the job. It will not offer you the level of protection it is supposed to. Rather purchase a product.
  5. If you are spending time outdoors during peak hours or midday, take extra precaution and wear protective clothing like cover-ups, wraps, hats and sunglasses. 

Hada Labo Tokyo Water-Resistant Moisturising Sunscreen: Face Cream SPF 50 is available from Clicks stores and Clicks online.

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