3 Ways Kids Develop Meaningful Friendships

by Media Xpose
It doesn’t matter how old you are, making friends is important, and creating lasting friendships even more so. This is a lesson we learn form the Enchantimals – lovable characters who share a special bond with their animal friends, and just like Bree Bunny, Felicity Fox and Sage Skunk, these special bonds of friendship help kids learn cultural norms, how to interact with one another as well as how to resolve conflicts, to name a few.
According to Harmony Learning, experts in learning and development, ‘Friendships that are based on mutual respect, kindness, and caring for one another, are priceless and can be challenging to keep in tact.’ And, it’s easier than you think to help your child on their journey to creating long-lasting friendships that are mutually beneficial and fulfilling.

Here are 3 ways kids develop meaningful friendships:

  1. Inviting friends over to play. Children often make their fist friends at school. When they are excited about, or talk about a certain friend often, offer them the opportunity to invite that friend over. This allows them the chance to get to know the friend in a different content and potentially connect on more shared interests. Inviting friends out to activities also offers this opportunity. As a parent you can stimulate a friendship with the other child’s parents, encouraging more interaction and allowing a deeper friendship between the kids to grow.

  2. Teach your child to be kind to their friends. Being a role model to your child is important. They mimic what you do, and the way you engage with other people is one of them. Show them how you treat your own friends, teach them about what makes a good friend, and how to treat their friends. This can be done through play, and you’ll see how they develop their own relationships by emulating what they see and learn at home.

  3. Comfort your child when friendships don’t last. It’s not easy watching your child go through a rough patch with their friends. Their emotions are heightened and it’s not always clear what to do. Give your child an opportunity to tell you how they feel, as it’s important to comfort them, but also for them to learn from this experience.

Research has found that playing with dolls teaches children empathy. The Enchantimals are the ideal tools to help kids lean the importance of friendship and they are a tool to teach kids how to treat their friends. These adorable 15cm dolls make learning enjoyable as they have fun touches, add whimsy to each character, have coloured hair, animal facial features and unique accents.

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