A Journey of Discovery for Babies and a Haven of Comfort for Mothers with Think Baby’s Sensory Tummy Time Mat

by Tia

The early stages of a baby’s life is filled with wondrous moments of growth and development. As parents, we are always seeking ways to nurture and stimulate our little ones, providing them with the best tools to explore the world around them.

Think Baby’s Sensory Tummy Time Mat is designed to create moments of joy and discovery for babies, while offering developmental reassurance for mothers.

This article delves into why Tummy Time” is crucial for babies and how the Think Baby High Contrast Sensory Tummy Time Mat, with unique “sensory pods”, contribute to a baby’s neurological – and overall milestone development, making it an essential addition to every nursery.

The Importance of “Tummy Time” for Babies

“Tummy Time” refers to the practice of placing babies on their tummies while they are awake and supervised. It encourages new awareness of their body, with actions like pressing on the floor, pushing up, shifting weight and rolling. It helps prevent the development of flat spots on the back of the baby’s head, and most importantly strengthens the muscles in the neck, back, and shoulders.

Over all, Tummy Time aids in achieving crucial milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling, and eventually walking. These simple activities have profound effects on a baby’s growth and development. Additionally, spending time on their tummies allows babies to explore their environment from a different perspective, fostering their curiosity and learning experiences from an early age.

Let’s get practical.

You can start doing Tummy Time from the first week of life

Work towards achieving 30min of Tummy Time a day (This can be divided into sessions). Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions per day. From around 4- 5 months, you can encourage your baby to do 60-80 min of Tummy Time a Day.

“A babies gym is on their tummy”

A Gateway to Neurological Stimulation

Think Baby’s Sensory Tummy Time Mat takes “Tummy Time” to the next level with its High Contrast (Black and White) designs. The High Contrast mat contributes to the baby’s ongoing neural development, by encouraging them to focus on specific images and not just gaze. This stimulates new nerve pathways in the brain to develop and strengthen, every time they are activated. This not only supports a babies visual development and learning/concentration skills, but it also distracts them from the sometimes “-uncomfortable” feeling of Tummy Time, which in return help babies to stay on their tummies for longer sessions. Furthermore – the carefully crafted, textured pods offer a world of tactile stimulation for babies during their phases of exploration. As babies move their tiny hands and feel or mouth the different textures, they continue to grow and strengthen several neural pathways in their brain. This multisensory experience contributes to the development of their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and other cognitive abilities.

Benefits for Babies

  • Supports crucial muscle development
  • Encourages multisensory engagement
  • Enhances neural development

Benefits for Mothers

Peace of Mind

With Think Baby’s Sensory Tummy Time Mat, mothers can feel at ease knowing that their babies are engaging in safe and beneficial “Tummy Time” play.

Bonding Time

Supervising “Tummy Time” sessions provides an opportunity for mothers to bond and interact with their babies, creating lasting memories.

Think Baby’s Sensory Tummy Time Mat offers a transformative experience for both babies and mothers. By facilitating “tummy time” in an engaging and stimulating manner, this product sets the stage for babies’ optimal growth, neurological development and lays the foundation to achieve future milestones.

Embrace the journey of discovery with Think Baby’s Sensory Tummy Time Mat – a cherished addition to your baby’s nursery.

For more information, visit the Think Baby website today.
www.thinkbaby.co.za or send an email to thinkbaby@highcontrastdevelopment.co.za

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