by Tia

Hello new moms! Hello old moms!  We are going beyond for new moms, we are taking you on a journey of beauty that leaves you feeling like yourself again, rejuvenated and ready to win this motherhood out.

It’s all in embracing your beauty in all it’s forms as you embark on this incredible journey. This could be interpreted in many ways, but you go ahead mama and do what sets you on fire, as you navigate the changes that come with motherhood.

A self-care routine with your favourite products will always keep you in check to remember that you still got it. A fresh face on a mirror, what’s there not to like. Taking a few minutes of pampering yourself can make a big difference in how you feel and look, giving you the energy that you need. A hair care day with your favourite hairstyle combined with a spa, maybe a skin care regime you absolutely love. All this adds to that self-care moment.

People often speak about how they have lost touch and lost themselves, but you got this. Not you. Putting on comfortable clothing with colours that you love boosts you, even if it’s just a cute pair of an indoor two piece. Connecting with new and old moms can also be very helpful, because other people’s tips can work for you amazingly. Online, offline, go for it.

Some even get their positive affirmations in play. You know they work so well if you have tried them. Imagine keeping up with them in this new journey and chaining it to even motherhood. Run with these few affirmations today;

I am a beautiful mother (and yes you are).

I am doing the best I can and it is working perfectly for me.

I love my new body and the transitions it is coming with.

Stay beautiful mommy.

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