Bloating Be Gone: How Probiotics Can Aid in Digestive Comfort and Reduce Symptoms of Bloating

by Tia

Say goodbye to bloating and embrace digestive comfort with multi-strain probiotics.

Bloating, 1 that uncomfortable feeling of a full and tight abdomen often caused by gas, can be an unwelcome guest. While gas symptoms like belching, bloating, and flatulence can vary from person to person,2a some discomfort is normal, especially after meals. However, bloating can lead to abdominal pain.2b

Multi-strain probiotics, composed of diverse bacterial species, are like a team of helpful microorganisms working together to support your digestive health.3a These friendly helpers break down food, fend off illness-causing cells, and produce essential vitamins.3b They mirror the microorganisms naturally found in your body, making them your digestive buddies.3c

Multi-strain probiotics can reduce bloating by:

  • Balancing Gut Microbiota: Probiotics can alleviate bloating by rebalancing your gut bacteria.4
  • Reducing Gas Production: Some probiotic strains can decrease the amount of gas produced in your gut,5 helping control bloating.
  • Supporting Bowel Regularity: Probiotics promote regular bowel movements and softer stools, reducing the likelihood of constipation, a common cause of bloating.6

For those dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), probiotics offer potential relief from symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea, and constipation.7

As a supplement to your families routine, consider adding ProbiFlora™, a multi-strain probiotic with proven benefits,8 to your daily regimen.

The ProbiFlora™ range includes ProbiFlora™ Adult Intensive Rescue – 9 Strain9, ProbiFlora™ Adult Classic Bowel Support – 4 Strain10, ProbiFlora™ Adult Everyday Flora Balance – 2 Strain11, ProbiFlora™ Rx Intestinal Flora Care12, ProbiFlora™ Junior Everyday Flora Balance13, ProbiFlora™ Probiotic Infant Drops 3 strain-Regular drops14, and ProbiFlora™ Junior Fit For School Chewable Tablets15

Trust ProbiFlora™ – the PROs in probiotic health – to PROtect you and your family with PROven multi-strain benefits.

ProbiFloraTMs range of products are available from leading pharmacies and retailers nationwide. For more information, visit and join the conversations on Instagram and Facebook.

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