Creative and Fun Ideas for Toddlers at Home

by Media Xpose

Here are some ideas to keep your toddler entertained and engaged at home, categorized by age group and type of activity:

Creative Activities (18 months – 3 years old):

  • Sensory play: Fill a bin with dried beans, rice, or pasta for them to scoop, pour, and explore. Add small toys or cups for extra fun.
  • Finger painting: Set up a safe space for your toddler to explore finger painting with washable paints.
  • Playdough fun: Let your toddler mold, squish, and build with homemade playdough or store-bought options.
  • Coloring and drawing: Provide large crayons and chunky markers for them to express their creativity on paper.
  • Dress-up time: Pull out old clothes, hats, and scarves for a dress-up session.

Active Play (18 months – 3 years old):

  • Dance party: Put on some music and let loose! Encourage your toddler to move and groove.
  • Obstacle course: Use pillows, blankets, and furniture to create a safe obstacle course for them to crawl, climb, and navigate.
  • Indoor scavenger hunt: Hide small toys or treats around the house and let your toddler search for them.
  • Balloon play: Blow up some balloons and have fun batting them around, chasing them, or playing catch.
  • Bubbles: Bubbles are a classic toddler favorite!

Learning Activities (2-3 years old):

  • Story time: Cuddle up and read through colorful picture books. Point out objects and characters in the book and encourage your toddler to participate.
  • Singing and rhymes: Sing nursery rhymes together and encourage your toddler to join in.
  • Sorting toys: Help your toddler sort toys by color, shape, or size.
  • Building blocks: Provide large building blocks for your toddler to build towers, castles, or whatever their imagination creates.
  • Simple puzzles: Start with puzzles with 2-4 pieces and gradually increase the difficulty as your toddler gets better.

Additional Tips:

  • Get down to their level: Interact with your toddler on the floor to make eye contact and engage fully.
  • Narrate your actions: Talk to your toddler while you play, explaining what you’re doing and encouraging them to participate.
  • Follow their lead: Let your toddler’s interests guide the activity. Pay attention to what they seem drawn to and adjust the play accordingly.
  • Rotate activities: Keep things fresh by offering a variety of activities throughout the day.
  • Clean-up can be fun: Turn cleaning up into a game by singing songs or making it a competition.


The most important aspect is to have fun and connect with your toddler! Spending quality time together and creating a safe and stimulating environment is key to their development and happiness.

Image: Pexels

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