Did you know cucumbers are fruits?

By Temo Mpodi

by Tia

Most of us know cucumbers to be vegetables. Fruits? I am not sure a lot of us knew this. ‘Cucumber’ comes from the old French word cocombre. This fruit which is said to originate from India contains seeds that are eatable but also a bit bitter, so it’s advisable that you take out the seeds when eating them. According to www.foodandnutrtion.org, while the seeds are edible, they become bitter as the cucumber matures, so it’s best to remove seeds from older cucumbers before eating. Cucumbers develop from a flower and have so many benefits and there are many ways that you can prepare them and make dishes out of them.

Many use cucumbers to shed some weight, some use them for skin benefits, and there are cucumber dishes that you can enjoy with your loved ones, that are simple to the hands yet filling. For example, you can dice slice your cucumbers, and mix them with sliced tomatoes, slices of onions, corn, mix that with olive oil, spice, and salt, put in some mixed herbs to give it that taste and you have a solid salad.

A common cucumber practice that has been followed by many is pairing cucumbers with lettuce and tomato when preparing a green salad. To give it more vibrance you can add different types of peppers; yellow pepper, red pepper, and green pepper. mushrooms and sliced chicken breast. Sprinkle some crushed chilies to give it some lux finish.

We share a few cucumber products we love and 10 cucumber facts with you.

Here are a few cucumber products we love:

1. Cucumber moisturiser 50ml-Woolworths

2. Clicks Tea tree and Cucumber Shine control moisturizer Clicks

3. Freeman facial mask- Dis-chem

4.Essence hydro-hero primer- Foschini, Clicks

5. Face polish with cucumber extract 100ml- Woolworths

10 Cucumber facts

1. A raw cucumber contains 95% of water

2. From sowing cucumber seed to harvesting the fruit can just take up to 12 weeks!

3. Cucumbers grow so fast that some supermarkets are selling 2 weeks old cucumbers

4. Cucumbers can act as an energy lifter since they contain some carbohydrates.

5. A cucumber contains 16 calories.

6. Cucumbers can be long reaching up to 2 feet.

7. Cucumbers are known to cool the blood and the body.

8. Cucumbers can freshen the breath of your mouth and kill bacteria

9. Cucumber can help soothe sunburn

10. Cucumber can grow in water

We hope you have found at least one fact out of the 10 that is new to you. Go add cucumber to your meal and freshen up your plate.

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