Dive into Action: Get Involved in World Ocean Day Clean-Up

By Nicole Sherwin - founder, Eco Diva Natural - www.ecodiva.co.za

by Media Xpose

Calling all ocean and environmental enthusiasts and eco-warriors! World Ocean Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by joining hands (and fins) to clean up our majestic oceans? – World Ocean Day is a global celebration of the beauty and importance of our oceans, and participating in clean-up initiatives is a fantastic way to demonstrate our commitment to their preservation. By getting involved in local events, organizing your own clean-up, or contributing virtually, you become an active participant in the global movement to protect and restore our marine ecosystems. So, dive into action, rally your friends and family, and let’s make World Ocean Day 2023 an unforgettable day of positive change for our oceans!

1.             Join a Local Clean-Up Event – Check with local environmental organizations, community centres, or coastal authorities to find out if there are any organized clean-up events happening in your area. These events often bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for the ocean. By participating, you not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also meet new people and forge lasting connections with like-minded souls.

2.             Organize Your Own Clean-Up – If there aren’t any local events planned, take the initiative and organize your own clean-up! Gather a group of friends, family, or colleagues who are eager to make a difference. Choose a beach, riverbank, or any water body that needs some TLC, and equip yourselves with gloves, trash bags, and other essential cleaning supplies. Don’t forget to document your efforts with photos and share them on social media to inspire others to follow suit. Join Eco Diva Natural on June 8th 8am on Camps Bay Beach. Meet at the vegan coffee shop OKJA next to the Pick n Pay.

3.             Plogging: Jogging for a Cleaner Ocean – Combine your love for fitness with a commitment to a cleaner ocean by engaging in “plogging.” This Scandinavian trend involves jogging while picking up litter along your route. Grab a sturdy bag and start your ocean-friendly workout routine. You’ll be amazed at the amount of trash you can collect during a single jog. Not only will you keep yourself fit, but you’ll also contribute to the well-being of marine life.

4.             Virtual Clean-Up Initiatives – For those who are unable to physically participate in a clean-up event, fear not! There are virtual initiatives that allow you to make a difference from the comfort of your home. Various online platforms enable you to support ocean conservation projects, donate to marine-focused charities, or even organize virtual awareness campaigns. Share informative posts, create engaging content, and encourage your online community to take action for the oceans.

5.             Dive into Citizen Science – Make your ocean clean-up efforts even more impactful by turning them into citizen science projects. Consider joining or organizing clean-up events that collaborate with research organizations. Collect data on the types and quantities of marine debris you encounter, take photographs of unique finds, and report your findings to these organizations. Your contribution will assist researchers in understanding and addressing the issue of ocean pollution more effectively.

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