Dry, Irritated Skin After Moisturising? What You Should Know

by Media Xpose

Dry, irritated skin that’s sensitive even after moisturising is a sign of a deeper level of dryness. On your face, legs or body, extremely dry skin becomes more common in winter, when temperature changes and harsh products strip the skin of its essential moisture barrier.

Here’s what causes dry, irritated skin. How to soothe it. And some of the most advanced products for treating severe skin dryness:


Have you noticed how much more often you need to apply moisturiser in winter? That’s because cold air holds less moisture, sapping it from your skin instead. But head indoors and even heating systems dry the air, again taking moisture from your skin. And even hot showers and especially harsh soaps sap your skin, leaving it feeling dry and tight.

The solution? Constantly apply more moisturiser, right? Not always.

You’ll often apply a moisturiser and, within minutes your skin will feel dry again. And, when it starts to feel very tight, become red and irritable to touch and products, the damage has usually gone a little deeper than you think.

Persistent dry skin that’s itchy, irritated and sensitive is often a sign of skin barrier damage. That’s when your environment has stripped away the lipid bi-layer that lays between the outermost layer of skin cells (corneocytes). These two together make up your skin barrier – your skin and body’s first line of defence.


When the lipid layer is gone, it leaves “gaps” in your skin barrier, through which impurities can enter the body (causing irritation and sensitivity) and your skin’s moisture escapes (reverting back to dryness the whole time).

This impaired skin barrier will continue to loose moisture and present with dryness and sensitivity until the skins lipid-bilayer is replaced. Traditional moisturisers just won’t work for this, they will only mask the skin condition superficially. Skin needs more advanced products that will address the core issue, and restore the integrity of the barrier function.


One of Lamelle’s first and best-selling products is the Serra range. It’s famous for its dry and sensitive skin relief because it’s made with our own patented ceramide-P, a lab-created compound that’s 100% similar to your body’s own lipid bi-layer.

When you use Serra, the active ingredients “replace” your skin barrier, mimicking the function and structure of our natural lipid layer to protect and allow the skin to heal itself faster. All while delivering advanced and longer-lasting hydration to your skin.

There are 5 awesome products in the Serra range:

To cleanse dry skin gently, ask for Serra Cleansing Gel.

To restore your skin barrier to normal, discover Serra Restore Cream.

For severely dry and sensitive skin (including eczema), see Serra Soothing Cream.

For dry-skin relief on your body, try Serra Soothing Body Lotion.

For extra skin soothing, look at Serra Lipid Recovery Mask.

Visit the Lamelle website for more insights on dry, sensitive skin, skin conditions and advanced skincare products.

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