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by Tia

As the 2024 public school calendar unfolds with an extended academic year of 4 more school days, parents need to gear up for the new year’s academic journey by stocking up on uniform essentials and school supplies.

Ackermans encourages parents to consider how the best quality products can help their children’s confidence as they embark on their new school year while also considering affordability.

“As a leading school uniform and school supplies retailer in South Africa, Ackermans has worked hard to create a deal where customers get R150 off when you spend R650 on ALL schoolwear items that not only makes the Back-To-School shopping a more affordable experience but has also focused on ensuring the products are durable and will last throughout the school year,” explains Stacey-Anne Scholtz – Chief Executive Buying at Ackermans.

“We also don’t underestimate the fundamental link between a child’s experience around Back-To-School shopping and how this helps boost their confidence. It really is about helping them to ‘Dress for Success’,” added Scholtz.

According to educational psychologist Masego Morobane, the school uniform serves as a symbol of academic achievement and discipline, aligning with the ‘Dress for Success’ concept.

“Starting the year with new uniform notably benefits students, particularly those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, by positively influencing their school experience. It diminishes the visibility of socioeconomic differences, promoting equality and reducing the likelihood of bullying,” explains Morobane.

“Encouraging students to feel confident in their school attire inadvertently encourages them to strive, communicate, and behave with a mindset geared toward success. Cultivating social skills such as equality, a sense of belonging, and confidence through uniforms contributes positively to students’ readiness and receptiveness to learning”, remarks Morobane.

Ackermans also wants parents to have a positive experience when shopping for their children’s school supplies and uniforms and has introduced comprehensive fit guides. See here to find your child’s perfect fit: for boys and girls uniform, and school shoes.

To alleviate the frustration of ill-fitting uniforms, the guides provide detailed measurements and sizing recommendations, ensuring that each purchase matches your child’s unique measurements perfectly.

“There is nothing quite worse than purchasing the school uniforms, only to realize they don’t fit quite right” says Scholtz.

Here are some more top tips for parents:

  • Unlock Savings and Ease with Multi-Pack Essentials

When considering items like inner vests, plain socks, and underwear, opt for value packs, typically available in 3-packs or 5-packs, offers significant savings. Not only do you save money by getting more for less, but it reduces the stress of having to choose daily and washing frequently.

  • Encourage Self-Expression

While focusing on essentials, encourage students to add personal touches to their school gear. Whether it’s a colourful backpack or character lunchware, allowing self-expression through selected items that are not restricted by uniform rules instills a sense of ownership and confidence in their individuality.

  • Prepare for Success Rituals

Establish back-to-school routines that include preparing clothes and school supplies the night before. Ackermans’ durable and affordable products facilitate this ritual, minimizing morning stress and cultivating a confident mindset by starting each day organized and well-prepared.

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