Hassle-free back to school routine

by Justin

Once summer holidays have flown by, parents will shift their focus to getting kids ready for back to school.

A top tip for making the process less stressful will be by setting up a schedule and working out a routine to help prepare your kids and yourself.

Prep time

Have an open conversation with your children about school including activities and goals for the new school year to encourage and create excitement. For kids just starting out their schooling career, let them try on their uniform to help make them comfortable before the big day arrives. With the summer holidays, often routines go out the door so it’s advisable to make adjustments to their bedtime routine in advance to get them on a sleep schedule.

Be budget savvy

Hot on the heels of December follows January-worry. If possible, try to avoid a last-minute rush and shop in advance and check to see if you can bargain hunt.

Plan ahead

If your child is starting at a new school, familiarise yourself in advance with the best routes in order to avoid the traffic rush.

Stay in touch

To lessen your stress about your child being away from you, obtain a school roster in advance from the school to plan and work out a schedule. Additionally, ensure the school and teacher has all your details so that you can stay informed of your child’s progress.

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