Keep your baby and toddler safe this summer season with must-haves from Safety 1st

by Tia

Safety plays an important role when it comes to raising a baby or toddler. Keeping them safe for the first few months after birth may seem easy, but once they start crawling, the world becomes their oyster, and you need to put more safety guards into place to prevent them from getting injured.

During summer and the upcoming festive season, you will likely be out and about, host visitors or activities at home, or even travel with your little one. A few simple additions to your home and car will ensure your peace of mind, and your little one’s safety this summer season:

Keeping safe at home

One of the number one safety items you’ll need in your home once baby starts crawling or walking, is a safety gate. Placed at the top and bottom of a staircase, it’ll prevent baby from taking a fall, but it’s also handy to place at the entrance of a room (such as an office or bathroom, which may contain items that baby shouldn’t have access to). Placing a gate at the door will prevent baby from entering on their own, giving you peace of mind. Safety 1st Auto Close Safety Gate (R1199.99) offers a smart and easy-to-use automatic closing mechanism. Simply squeeze the buttons on the handle to open it and let it close automatically when shutting. It opens in both directions, making it convenient and practical to use.

Most of us have a traumatic childhood memory of a finger getting pinched in a door. Prevent this painful accident by safeguarding the doors in your home. Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard (R64.99) protects fingers from accidentally getting pinched by a closing door. When the door is fully closed, it conveniently hangs on the doorknob where it’s easy to access when needed again. It is made from a soft foam material and is easily removed.

One of the things parents are most concerned about, are plugs. Little ones are curious, and you may find them touching everything they come across, including hazardous plug sockets. Safety 1st Outlet Plug Protectors 12 Pack (R59.99) is an essential. Made with rounded edges that are child-resistant, these durable plastic gadgets fit snugly into an electrical socket, sealing it and protecting baby from electrocution.

If you’ve ever walked into the sharp corner of a table or counter, you’ll understand why it is essential to avoid your little one from running into it (especially when it’s head-height!). Safety 1st Corner Cushion 4 Pack (R59.99) contains four soft plastic corner cushions that are easily applied to table counters and other home furniture to soften the sharp corners and help protect your child.

Keeping safe on the road

Whether it’s a year-end road trip or a quick visit to the shops, it’s essential to take extra precautions on the road if you have your little one travelling in the car with you. It’s important to alert others of baby’s presence too. Let other motorists know that you’ve got precious cargo on board with the classic Safety 1st Baby on Board Sign (R59.99). It attaches easily to your car’s window and reminds others to drive safely around you.

Healthcare safety

Accidents – whether big or small – happen in a flash, and when they do, there isn’t time to go looking for the healthcare items you need. We all know the importance of keeping a first aid kit in your home and in the car, but if you have a baby or toddler, you’ll need to acquire a few additional items designed specifically for little bodies. Plus, you need to store it in a convenient place – when you need it, you’ll want to be able to access it immediately. Safety 1st Healthcare Kit (R319.00) features baby healthcare essentials, conveniently packed in a reversible case. The kit contains a soft-grip toothbrush, new-born nasal aspirator, medicine dropper with spill guard, a digital thermometer and an emergency contact card.

It’s important to keep baby’s nails short so that they don’t scratch themselves in the face or eye. However, moms know that this can be a challenging task! Take the stress out of nail trimming by investing in a pair of baby nail clippers. Safety 1st Clearview Nail Clipper (R74.99) has an adjustable 5x magnifying lens for a clear view and an easy-grip handle for secure hold. It helps you trim baby’s nails closely and cleanly.

Keeping your baby or toddler well-groomed is essential for their health and development. You only need a few basics to keep their hair, nails and teeth in tip top condition. Safety 1st Essential Grooming Kit (R249.95) covers all of baby’s basic grooming needs in one convenient place. The kit contains a soft grip brush and comb, soft grip toothbrush, baby scissors, nail clippers and 5 emery boards in a convenient reversible travel case. All accessories are ergonomically designed and are suitable to use from birth.

Ensure you have all your safety measures in place to enjoy a carefree summer with your family.

Safety 1st is available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, and other major retailers.

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