Marc Anthony hosts exclusive event to celebrate the launch of Repair Bond + Rescuplex

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On 30 July 2023 – International Best Friends Day – hair care brand Marc Anthony hosted an exclusive event to celebrate the launch of their brand new Repair Bond + Rescuplex range (and to celebrate the bonds we share as besties!).

Influencers and media were invited to bring their best friend to Create in Prison Break Market for a day filled with fun, festivities and creativity. After a short presentation by Marc Anthony Brand Manager Kirsti Spilkin, guests enjoyed refreshments while expressing their creative side. Each guest chose a clay item to paint, resulting in an incredible display of creativity – and of course, a beautiful item to take home and cherish. What played out was an afternoon of laughter, inspiration and shared moments of joy. Not only did the day honour the unbreakable bond we share as best friends, but it also celebrated the launch of Marc Anthony Repair Bond+ Rescuplex, the innovative new hair care range designed to help repair hair’s damaged bonds, leaving it stronger, smoother and shinier.

What sets the range apart? For starters, the accessibility. Repair Bond+ Rescuplex makes salon-quality bond repair affordable and accessible. How does it work?

The protein structures in our hair shaft are held together by chemical bonds called disulphide bonds, giving hair its structure, strength and stability. Disulfide bonds are one of the strongest bonds in nature, and our hair contains millions of them. They’re the reason your hair reverts to its normal texture after straightening with heat or saturating our hair with water. When disulphide bonds are broken, hair becomes damaged.

How are disulphide bonds damaged? They can be damaged by the chemicals present in hair colour, by heat damage from styling tools, chemical damage from chemical perms and straighteners, environmental damage from pollutants and even daily styling habits like over-washing, pinning, tugging, tying up or pulling hair. The result of damaged disulphide bonds? Hair that is porous, weak and frizzy.

For most women, it can be an extremely costly exercise to have these bonds repaired. That was until the launch of Marc Anthony Repair Bond+ Rescuplex.

Repair Bond+ Rescuplex is your damage BFF. The range offers innovative formulations consisting of repairing and nourishing ingredients like Rescuplex Bond Rescue Complex, rice bran oil, rosemary oil, vitamin C, hydrolysed quinoa and sage & elderberry fragrances.

Rescuplex’s innovative composition provides increased affinity to the hair, and in molecular testing studies, it showed that up to 50% of damaged disulphide bonds were recovered.

So what does this mean for hair with damaged bonds? Restored, shiny, healthy, beautiful hair. Professional, salon-quality results at a fraction of salon prices.

The Repair Bond + Rescuplex range contains four products:

Repair Bond + Rescuplex Shampoo and Conditioner
Bond Repair + Rescuplex Daily Care Shampoo is the first step in this innovation system to reinforce damaged hair from the inside out while helping to protect bonds from future damage. Its rich lather deeply cleanses and removes build up while leaving your hair softer, smoother and hydrated. The luxe feeling Daily Care Conditioner wraps hair in a veil of hydration and protection while smoothing the cuticle and eliminating tangles for manageable, frizz-free hair. Use after your shampoo to lock in the bond-restoring benefits of the Rescuplex ingredients.

Repair Bond + Rescuplex Leave-In Treatment

This leave-in treatment conditions, detangles, softens and smooths frizz while restoring damaged hair bonds, helping protect your hair from future damage. It penetrates the inner layers of the hair fibre to reinforce broken bonds and strengthen hair.

Repair Bond + Rescuplex Hydrating Mask

This concentrated hydrating mask infuses maximum hydration while restoring damaged hair in just 5 minutes. It penetrates deep into the hair fibre to reinforce damaged hair bonds and to help protect from future damage, all while smoothing the cuticle to alleviate frizz, softening hair and boosting its shine.

Repair Bond + Rescuplex is designed for dry, damaged hair. Whether your hair is straight or curly, thick or thin, the system of products works to repair damage from the inside out and protect from future damage.

Repair Bond + Rescuplex has your back – just like a best friend. Trust Marc Anthony for effective, affordable bond repair and enjoy your best hair yet.

Marc Anthony Repair Bond + Rescuplex products are available for purchase from Dis-Chem, Takealot and other major retailers.

About Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a creator of world-class pro-quality hair care products. More than 27 years ago, celebrity hair stylist Marc Anthony set out on a mission to create superior hair products rooted in salon heritage; products that nourish, hydrate, and protect hair without frequent visits to the salon. With three generations of hair experts, the deep knowledge of hair and styling lives well beyond the lab. Today, the Marc Anthony team of style-makers and beauty lovers never sits still. Travelling the world to bring you the best ingredients and the latest trends to create professional quality products. Marc Anthony believes hair does not need to be boring, nor does it need to be complicated. Hair can be a source of enjoyment and entertainment.

Follow Marc Anthony on social media:

Instagram: @marcanthony_sa

Facebook: Marc Anthony South Africa 

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