NewGel+Scar Management South Africa

by Media Xpose

NewGel+ is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars, to reduce, flatten, fade and smooth new and old scars. Formulated, Manufactured and the market leader in the USA for scar prevention and now available in South Africa.

Our 100% Medical Grade Silicone scar treatment products were developed by Medical Professionals. NewGel+ products are used in hospitals and clinics around the world and there have been over one hundred clinical studies confirming silicone gel’s effectiveness in treating scars.

Medical Grade Silicone is the #1 recommended treatment for scars by experts. Positive results can be seen in as little as 3 to 7 weeks. Best results are seen after three months.

NewGel+ South Africa offers a range of medical grade silicone products for at home use including Gels, Strips, Sheets, Shapes and Cleansers.

NewGel+ E & UV Gel dries rapidly to form a thin, protective, gas-permeable layer of silicone on the skin. Perfect for visible areas such as face, neck and hands as well as areas of frequent motion.

NewGel+ Strips and Sheets is self-adhesive and worn directly on the scar. It is available in both clear and beige backings. The clear is more flexible and the beige is more durable. NewGel+ Silicone Sheeting improves scars by providing a combination of occlusion (seals the scar from exposure to air), hydration, elevated skin temperature and continuous light pressure.

Refreshing Foaming Cleanser Extend the life of your adhesive scar treatment products (strips and sheets) with this foaming cleanser. Wash your strips, sheets or shapes with this cleanser to effectively remove body oils and dead skin cells from the sticky side, restoring its ability to stick to your scar.

BruiseMD Topical Gel with Arnica, Bromelain & Vitamin K Oxide– BruiseMD Topical Bruise Gel is formulated with key ingredients that help to improve bruising and swelling symptoms. It features organic Arnica Montana and Vitamin K Oxide, antioxidants, vitamins, citrus bioflavonoids and other ingredients help accelerate clearance of bruising and excess fluid and strengthen skin and veins. The addition of moisturizers and soothers help make the area feel better and help maintain the skin’s barrier function. 

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