Organic cotton: H&M babywear made with care

by Media Xpose

When you buy baby clothes, you want to know what they’re made from, how you can make them last, and how you can support a more sustainable fashion industry for your child’s future. At H&M, it’s important to push for a better fashion industry — and the goal is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. Want to know more about what H&M does to make better babywear, and what you can do to help create a more circular industry?

Since 2020, the cotton within H&M’s babywear range is organic, recycled, or sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Organic cotton

Organic cotton uses less energy and less water (on average) than conventional cotton. It’s cultivated without chemical pesticides or insecticides, which improves soil condition, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, strengthens biodiversity, and improves cotton growers’ health. Meaning, it’s better for the environment!

Better Cotton Initiative

We are committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with Better Cotton, a non-profit organisation that trains cotton farmers to use water efficiently, care for natural habitats, reduce the use of harmful chemicals and respect workers’ rights. This type of cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance, meaning cotton from Better Cotton farmers may be mixed with conventional cotton in the manufacturing process. Cotton from this programme is therefore not physically traceable to end products. By sourcing Better Cotton we are funding a global initiative that enables their training to reach more farmers and have a more profound impact.

What you can do to support a more circular fashion industry:

•           Choose organic, recycled, or sustainably produced materials when buying new clothes.

•           If you have plenty of clothes, ask loved ones to minimise the amount they buy as gifts. And gift-givers: ask what parents need before you buy.

•           Read H&M’s Take Care guides to help make babywear last longer.

•           Outgrown clothes? Save for siblings or bring unwanted babywear to a garment collecting initiative, like H&M’s. If you bring old clothes from any brand to any H&M store, they’ll be reworn, reused or recycled — and you’ll also receive a thank-you voucher.

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