Safety first: How H&M keeps your baby comfy and protected

by Media Xpose

There’s nothing more important than the safety of a child. That’s why our babywear is designed and made with safety first — always. H&M has been making baby clothes since 1978, so we have lots of knowledge and expertise in creating garments that combine comfort and protection. We also know it’s important to keep up with the times by adapting to the latest standards or innovations, and share our knowledge with smaller companies. It’s part of our commitment to continuously develop global standards and lead the change in the industry.

If you ever wondered exactly how we make your babywear safe, we’re more than happy to tell all:

From details to dressing

We follow strict requirements to make sure our clothes are designed safely from the word go. We consider everything from secure details and soft materials to features made for careful dressing, like wrap-over bodysuits, or room to grow. We want things to be easier for parents, like putting clothes on and taking them off (especially if baby needs a quick nappy change!). Many of our designers are parents themselves, and passionate about creating clothes for every child and parent.

Made with care

All our buttons and details are tested to make sure they’ll stay securely attached through normal wear and washing. We know babies like to put everything in their mouth as a natural part of their development, so we limit the use of small parts in the first place. For side seams, we make sure they’re as soft as possible — and in some garments, we don’t use them at all. It’s also good to know that all our zips have fabric guards behind them to protect your baby’s skin. And on that note — we don’t use any irritating neck labels in our newborn garments worn directly against your baby’s skin.

No harmful chemicals

You won’t find any harmful chemicals in our baby clothes. We’ve adopted some of the strictest chemical restrictions in the industry and continue to push for more progressive chemical management. We also collaborate within our industry to influence and drive change.

On the case

Our suppliers and third-party labs conduct ongoing safety, chemical and quality tests to make sure we meet global legislation. They check for things like sharp edges, small parts, and every other detail, making sure that our products are safe for your baby. Internally, we educate all staff about children’s safety and are proud to have technicians, quality controllers and quality assurance specialists who work hard to secure the quality and safety of your baby’s clothes.

“Safety is always at the forefront of our minds when designing clothes for babies. From design details to the materials used, we hold ourselves to the highest and strictest standards around the world. You shouldn’t be worrying about what you’re dressing your baby in – we’re dedicated to giving you that peace of mind,” says Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Design and Creative at H&M Kids.

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