Shoot for the moon: Athletic development crucial for young women and girls

CompCare Medical Scheme backs school netball stars

by Tia

Following some stellar plays at the recent All Ages Interprovincial Netball Tournament held by South African Schools Netball (SASN) in Gauteng, proud sponsor CompCare Medical Scheme is cheering on young female athletes with ongoing support to develop their talent further.

“As we stand on the brink of a new era in sports sponsorship, backing the athletic endeavours of young South African women has never been more important than it is right now. With an incredible reach of over 2.8 million players nationwide, netball represents a beacon of opportunity and excellence for young athletes.

“As a medical aid, CompCare has a vested interest in promoting sports like netball as the health benefits of participating in netball are well-documented. Playing netball improves cardiovascular health, builds muscle strength and stamina, enhances hand-eye coordination and promotes mental wellbeing by releasing endorphins,” notes Josua Joubert, Chief Executive and Principal Officer of CompCare Medical Scheme.

“The skills, focus and tenacity displayed by players of all ages at this most recent tournament is testament to the shared passion for this team sport, and CompCare is unwavering in our commitment to furthering the potential of these young athletes through our partnership with SASN and Gauteng Schools Netball (GSN).”

Di Woolley, President of SASN, added that the value of netball as a sport for learners is recognised far and wide among the more than 20 000 schools playing the sport and over 20 000 umpires, who are primarily teachers volunteering their personal time. 

“We are delighted to have CompCare in our corner and look forward to celebrating many more exceptional outcomes that this partnership is sure to deliver,” she said.

Joubert concluded by congratulating the teams during the All Ages Interprovincial Netball Tournament. “Well done to each and every player who participated in the tournament – your passion for your sport is inspiring, and we are thrilled to be backing you.

“As a long standing champion of wellness and injury cover tailored to athletes’ needs, CompCare has a deep understanding of the need to foster a brighter future for our sporting community, and we are here to do just that,” he concluded.

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