skinSOOTHE: 100% natural ON-THE-GO skin support

by Tia

With our busy, on-the-go lifestyles, we need no-fuss products that can add value to our lives. The skinSOOTHE product range has been developed as a fun, safe, 100% natural alternative to assist in supporting our skin and bodies amidst our busy schedules. Packed with the medicinal benefits of pure plant-based essential oils, it addresses a wide range of skin concerns, are gentle enough for very sensitive skin, non-greasy and smells great.

The range includes targeted as well as 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 products that addresses skin concerns like rash, eczema, itchy allergic skin, sunburn, itchy or painful insect and mosquito bites, razor burn, minor burns and bruises. Also included in the list is itch prevention, relief for swollen, tired or burning feet, aching, overworked limbs, flushed faces, exposed skin, and irritated tattoos and piercings. It can even prevent itching!

As nature intended

The skinSOOTHE range contains only 100% natural, therapeutic grade essential oils. Apart from the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties of these oils, they also contain pain-relief, soothing, hydrating and healing, as well as antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Quick absorption for quick relief

The spray is light and non-greasy. This allows for quick and easy absorption of the pure plant- based essential oils by the skin, aiding quick relief. The spray-on application requires no rubbing in – very useful on-the-go or when treating the itchy, irritated skin of reluctant children, irritated teens, or impatient adults.

Safe for continuous use

skinSOOTHE is free from harmful ingredients. By harnessing the natural properties of the pure, plant-based essential oils, there is no need for artificial chemicals, colourants or fragrances. Also no need for sulphates, parabens, alcohol, or other preservatives. The products can be used frequently, generously and continuously without harmful side effects to our skin, bodies and the environment.

Skin support on-the-go

skinSOOTHE is packaged in a convenient, easy-to-use 100ml spray bottle that can fit comfortably into your handbag:

  • use it on-the-go to soothe, calm, heal and refresh your skin.
  • use it anywhere, any-time. skinSOOTHE is rapidly biodegradable and can be used anywhere!
  • use it whenever and wherever required. skinSOOTHE is non-greasy and will not leave a greasy, sticky residue on your skin, clothes, or any other surface.

Products in the range

The range includes targeted, as well as 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 products. All the products in the range are multi-purpose, meaning that it addresses more than one skin concern.

  • skinSOOTHE allergies (for allergy prone and itchy skin): Provides relief for itching, rash, irritated skin and skin allergies. Also good for mosquito and insect bites, and irritated tattoos and Piercings
  • skinSOOTHE family (for on-the-go fun loving families): Provides relief for itchy, allergic and irritated skin, sunburn, rash, bruises, mosquito and insect bites, razor and minor burns, irritated tattoos and piercings. Also prevents itching
  • skinSOOTHE after sun (for sun loving families): Calms and cools sunburnt skin and reduces redness and peeling. Also good for rash and minor burns
  • skinSOOTHE spritzer (to revitilize your skin and body): Cools and refreshes face and skin. Revitalizes tired, aching, overworked or burning feet and legs. Also good for sunburn, rash.
  • skinSOOTHE post op (2-in1 for post operative skin care): Prevents itching under back and ankle braces, moon boots, arm slings. Provides relief should itching and skin irritations develop. Also good for rash, bruises, irritated tattoos and piercings
  • skinSOOTHE sport (4in1 for outdoors sport people):  Cools and soothes face and skin exposed to sun, wind and insects. Revitalizes tired, aching feet, legs and arms. Also good for itchy skin, rash, bruises, mosquito and insect bites
  • skinSOOTHE bush (4in1 for nature and bush lovers):  Refreshes and soothes skin exposed to bush hazards like sun, mosquitos, insects, minor burns, bruises and heat
  • skinSOOTHE kidz (3in1 for the little ones): Provides relief for sunburn, itching, skin allergies, bruises, minor burns, irritated skin, rash, and mosquito and insect bites
  • skinSOOTHE canine (3in1 for your furry friends): Provdies relief for dogs with skin allergies, rash, irritated and itchy skin, irritated, itchy or sensitive paws, mosquito and insect bites, as well as sunburn

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