South African non-profit organization Outside The Bowl Africa launches Mandela Project initiative – announces SA singer Robin Pieters as project ambassador

by Tia

Outside The Bowl Africa, a Paarl-based non-profit organization dedicated to nourishing children and supporting education in South Africa, is proud to announce the appointment of singer and songwriter Robin Pieters as this year’s Mandela Project Ambassador.

Pieters, who first captured the hearts of South Africans in 2016 as a standout contestant on the inaugural season of “The Voice South Africa,” brings his exceptional talent and passion for community service to this impactful role. With his rise to fame, Robin has continuously used his platform to advocate for social causes, making him an ideal ambassador for Outside The Bowl Africa.

“I felt a compelling urge to contribute actively to alleviating this crisis. The organization’s dedication to providing nutritious meals and empowering people through sustainable initiatives resonates deeply with my values. By using my platform and voice, I can raise awareness, mobilize resources, and inspire others to join this crucial fight against hunger.”

Robin Pieters

Outside The Bowl Africa’s Mandela Project, inspired by the spirit of Nelson Mandela’s legacy, aims to provide essential support to children in need. The campaign encourages people to donate R67, symbolizing Mandela’s 67 years of public service, to help nourish a child, provide footwear, and assist with their education.

“I am deeply honoured to be a part of the Mandela Project with Outside The Bowl. I’m incredibly careful of what I get involved in especially when it comes to community work. I love giving back but have been disappointed in the past so I’m often a little weary. However, when something is laid on my heart to do I give it my all. I don’t do things just for the sake of doing it or to be seen, it needs to mean something. This project means something,” said Pieters.

Outside The Bowl Africa is currently undertaking several initiatives to combat hunger and improve early childhood development, including Early Childhood Development Nutritional Drives and Nutrition Awareness programs. These initiatives aim to tackle the root causes of malnutrition and food insecurity, ensuring that young children receive the necessary nutrition for healthy development.

“Combating hunger, particularly in the context of early childhood development and nutrition, involves addressing a variety of complex challenges,” said Loren Erasmus, Executive Director of Outside The Bowl Africa.

“Our biggest challenge is facing limited funding, which affects our ability to reach all the children in need and sustain long-term interventions. Additionally, reaching remote or conflict-affected areas where infrastructure is poor and logistical challenges are significant, along with addressing different cultural practices and beliefs about food and nutrition, are ongoing obstacles.”

To address these challenges, Outside The Bowl Africa implements programs and engages local communities in the planning and execution of nutrition initiatives.

“Ensuring that nutritional interventions have a long-term impact and are not just short-term fixes is crucial to our strategy.”

Collaboration with other organisations and stakeholders is essential to maximise the impact of our hunger-combating initiatives. Corporate sponsorships and community partnerships are vital for understanding and addressing the unique needs and challenges of different populations.

The long-term goals of Outside The Bowl Africa include eradicating hunger and promoting food security. Achieving these goals involves not only providing immediate food assistance but also addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, and lack of access to education and resources.

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