Technology is not the (only) answer

by Justin

Adopting a human approach to translation in DCT & Digital Health

Glasgow, Scotland, UK: Specialist language service provider, My Language Connection, has officially announced their new Digital Health translation & localisation service alongside sponsorship of the Giant Health Event in London this December. The company aims to put quality back at the heart of global patient communications, help health-tech innovators reach new international markets, and improve patient engagement.

“Putting the patient first means speaking their language, not just in the literal sense but also in terms of cultural nuances’, says Victoria Nicol, Founder & Managing Director at My Language Connection. “Emphasising a human approach during a tech-centred event may come as a surprise – but patients are human, and clinical research and digital health solutions need to reflect that.”

Despite the push for patient-centricity, there’s a lot of focus on linguistic AI & Machine Translation as the market becomes more competitive, but this automated approach ignores the complexity inherent in healthcare communications.

Presenting at the Digital Pharma Show on December 6th, Victoria will lead a panel discussion alongside her newly-recruited Head of Partnerships for the Medical & Life Sciences sector, Chris McCourt. They will be joined by partners from Magpie, experts in creative behaviour change, with other specialist panelists to be confirmed. The session will explore & debate the complex issue of balancing technological innovation with a human touch, providing examples of specific areas where the latter still applies despite the AI advancements of recent years. Following on from the live event, MLC plans to co-host a digital panel show on the same topic via the Giant’s Healthy Innovators TV.

The new Digital Health translation services are available immediately, as MLC extend their proven track record in the medical, life sciences, and technology sectors to foster meaningful partnerships in Digital Therapeutics (DTx), mHealth, Digital Pharma, and more. For additional information visit

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