The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is excited to announce that Ntebaleng Morudu, Social Worker, is now providing vital services to the Rustenburg area of the North West province. Recognising the need for greater awareness about cancer and the resources available to patients from CANSA, Ntebaleng is dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by cancer in Rustenburg. 

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Every Wednesday, Ntebaleng is based at the Oncology Unit of the Job Shimankana Tabane Hospital (JST Hospital) in Rustenburg. Here, she provides psychosocial support by offering counselling to cancer patients, and their families, and referring them to support groups. Additionally, she shares valuable information about cancer and the care and support services provided by CANSA, and is working towards establishing a face-to-face support group at the hospital. 

Ntebaleng’s passion for her work is evident as she explains, “The Oncologist at JST Hospital expressed how difficult it is to assist with both treatment and offering emotional support to patients. I have witnessed how much of a difference counselling makes to patients who are newly diagnosed or who are stressed about treatment and do not have anyone to explain the process to them or answer questions regarding side effects. Patients also worry about socio-economic burdens and at a time when they are going through this tough experience, providing a space for them to open up about their concerns and seek advice is an honour.”  

She adds, “It also gives me a sense of relief to hear from patients, nurses, and the Oncologist that counselling has helped patients improve their quality of life, reduced psychological distress, improved their emotional well-being and coping skills and aided in managing their symptoms better and made them feel hopeful.”  

In June, CANSA Rustenburg held a Survivors Day event to acknowledge the incredible strength and resilience of everyone affected by cancer. The event was well-received and uplifted the spirits of all who attended.  

Ntebaleng was invited to speak at the WAF Global Foundation Annual Conference on 6 July in Midrand. She presented on coping with cancer and the importance of cancer screenings for early detection.  

Looking forward, Ntebaleng hopes to expand her efforts in the Rustenburg area, assisting more patients and their loved ones. She invites like-minded volunteers to join her and CANSA Rustenburg in making their passion and dedication to helping those in need a reality.  

CANSA also offers confidential, professional, cancer-related telephonic counselling to cancer patients, caregivers and their families and parents or guardians of children living with cancer.  CANSA Tele Counselling is available in seven languages and is free of charge.  

For more information about CANSA Rustenburg’s services, please contact the CANSA Rustenburg Care Centre at 014 533 0694.  

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