Welo: Using technology to enable human healthcare connections

by Tia

In the world of entrepreneurship, the most remarkable stories often begin with a personal challenge. For Zanele Matome, Founder and CEO of Welo, that challenge is the lack of affordable access to healthcare services for an overwhelming majority of South Africans. Having spent 15 years in the construction and mining sectors, Matome saw firsthand the gaps in healthcare provision and the immense potential for innovation to address these issues.

Welo’s journey started in 2021, when Matome aligned with leaders in innovation, healthcare, logistics, and technology to develop and launch the Welo app. “But Welo is not just an app; it’s a subscription-based means of delivering healthcare services directly to those who need it most. Our dynamic platform connects corporate clients with top-tier healthcare professionals, ensuring immediate access to quality care. In the simplest terms, Welo is a subscription-based B2B service. We collaborate with corporates and healthcare providers to offer health services to employees, paid for by the employers,” says Matome.

The problem Welo aims to solve is glaring: the lack of affordable access to healthcare on demand, both at home and in the workplace. The Welo solution is multifaceted, offering home visits and workplace healthcare, and in the background, the collection of data for predictive and generative models to enhance the future provision of these services.

Zanele Matome

Our vision is clear: to provide on-demand healthcare services and medication to individual homes and business premises, bridging the gap between accessible healthcare and evolving corporate needs.

Matome says that Welo’s goal is ambitious yet, she believes its achievable. “We want to be South Africa’s HealthTech unicorn by leveraging data, AI, strategic partnerships, advanced analytics, digitisation, and intelligent process automation. And, with a clear roadmap for expansion into other African countries and beyond into Latin America, we are poised to make a significant impact on the global healthcare landscape as well.”

But beyond the business goals lies a deeper purpose: to empower healthier communities and workforces with innovative care solutions. For businesses, Welo offers tailored health programmes that boost employee health and productivity while controlling healthcare costs. For healthcare workers, the company provides flexible work opportunities, competitive compensation, and continuous learning and development opportunities.

“Our journey is just beginning, but the impact we can make is undeniable, and even more so with the investment received from a venture builder, Aion Creative Technology. We are committed continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to transforming healthcare in South Africa remains unwavering.

Together, we can build a healthier, more resilient future for all,” says Matome.

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