Win the war against acne with NEW ACleo

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Are you battling with breakouts? Many things contribute to the formation of acne but, for the most part, we can thank our fluctuating hormones. These can cause our skin to become oily and shed in clumps as opposed to cell by cell, forming bumps and pimples. Fortunately, this type of inflammatory acne can be dramatically improved with Acleo.

The hormone connection

When we’re in our teens our body is challenged with having to adjust to changing hormone levels. While these should eventually stabilise in time, in both males and females, the fluctuation can result in oily skin. In many, this might lead to skin that’s congested by blackheads and whiteheads. However, around 30% of teenagers, due to their genetics, will experience inflamed, painful red bumps called papules or those with yellow heads called pustules (pimples).

While you’d think we’d leave acne behind by the time we reach adulthood, this isn’t always the case. For example, there are many times when a female will experience a hormonal flux that can trigger the increase of the male hormones that cause acne. Men will have the same trigger – an increase in their male hormones.

ACleo to the rescue!

Struggling with acne, be it in your teens or as an adult, will always distressing. Fortunately, the new ACleo kit can help you win the war against breakouts and put you on the path to clear and radiant skin.

Each kit contains an oral supplement and a topical spot treatment. The supplement’s ingredients – zinc and vitamin B – will help calm the inflammation in your skin; allow existing pimples to heal faster and prevent the formation of further breakouts. This winning combination also helps regulate your body’s oil production.

As far as the topical spot treatment goes, this calms inflammation, kills the bacteria that causes acne and prevents your skin from becoming congested.

When used in conjunction, the oral supplement and spot treatment will result in:

  • Quicker healing of acne
  • A lessening in the formation of scars and dark marks
  • Prevention of more acne forming
  • Clearer skin with constant use

How do I use ACleo?

Acleo supplement

Take two capsules each morning after breakfast.

ACleo Spot Treatment

Twice a day: Cleanse and dry your skin. Apply a drop of the ACleo gel to every pimple or to the area of skin that has pimples. Massage lightly to assist in absorption then apply your moisturiser and a sunscreen during the day.

Do I need to use a specific skincare range to use ACleo?

No. Acleo can be used in combination with any skincare range.

It is important to cleans and moisturise your skin twice a day every day. Don’t forget your sunscreen. This can also help to prevent the formation of dark marks as well as the worsening of those that exist.

Will ACleo affect my hormones?

Not at all. It’s important to note that ACleo won’t affect your body’s hormone levels. For this, you’d need to visit a doctor and get a script. What ACleo will do, however, is change how your skin reacts to the fluctuating hormones in your blood and the result will be an improvement in acne.

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