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If you and your little one are starting the weaning journey, PURITY can make it a joyful time of discovery right from the beginning. With PURITY cereals, jars and pouches weaning becomes a taste, flavour and texture journey that’s easy, fun and exciting – and PURITY will guide you right from the start through to each developmental stage. 

Weaning can be a stressful and unpredictable time. “Is my baby ready?” you ask. “Am I doing it right?” As a parent, you need to feel reassured that you’re making the best choice when your baby moves on from a milk-based diet to introducing solids. PURITY knows what it’s like and has the perfect solution: a range of products made for every stage of the journey. 

Delicious cereals with improved taste. 

PURITY’s ready-to-eat cereals are available in a newly improved ‘’Just Add Water’’ range and a great-tasting ‘’Just Add Milk’’ range, giving parents the confidence to transition to solids. They’re convenient for you and a delicious breakfast for baby however can also be used for other meal occasions.  

What makes PURITY cereals the best start to the weaning journey? 

They’re gentle on little tummies because they’re easy to digest, they’re fortified with iron, essential for babies transitioning from milk – and tiny tastebuds love them!


PURITY snack pouches can be used for all types of snacks – from Yogi to Meals to Fruit and Veg – ready to go, wherever you are. 

Improved-tasting PURITY Jars:   

PURITY jars are designed to suit your mealtime needs. The new and improved, even tastier recipes, are made with quality ingredients. There’s so much variety, flavour and texture for every stage, from 6 months. 

The stages: 

From 6 months: Start with simple flavours.  This range introduces solids to your baby’s diet. It’s important to start with soft, smooth food that’s easy to digest, so we recommend single fruit and vegetable variants as well as dual variants. 

From 7 months: Time to add flavour combinations. This range introduces delicious new flavours. Exposing baby to flavour variety from an early age promotes easier acceptance of new foods and flavours as they grow older. 

From 8 months: Add some texture. Bring in some fun with textures and even more flavour. At around 8 months babies are ready for more complex tastes and texture, which is important for developing chewing skills. This range of textured foods teaches babies to chew, whether they have teeth or not. 

From 10 months:  Even more texture. Can you picture your baby at the “big table”? After 10 months, it’s time for food that bridges the gap between baby food and home-cooked table food. This range not only offers the extra texture babies need, but also tasty varieties to please fussy toddlers. 

Enjoy the journey. Every stage, every meal, every snack.

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