Reandi Grey – the more you have to do, the more you can get done

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Reandi Grey, wife, mother, actress, businesswoman and creative genius with another baby on the way, speaks to Baby’s and Beyond about her journey of continuous growth, and how she manages to successfully juggle her demanding schedule.

Over the years your career has undergone many transformations, from graphic designer to actress and more recently, the launch of your fashion brand. What drives you?

I was born with a creative thirst, which can only be quenched by the constant pleasure of creating. Life is one big season of spring for me – spring personifies renewal. As long as I can be creative and bring something new to life, I am in my happy place. Whether it be a new logo, a new character or a new dress, it awakens a new mood of hope and joy in me.

Tell us a bit about your fashion label, GreyC. How did it come about and what are your plans for it?

I started creating my own clothes when I was in high school. I have always been very artistic, and the shops just did not satisfy my weird and wonderful needs. Hence, I decided to make my own garments. I did not fully have the knowledge and ability to make everything from scratch, so I took existing items, cut them up, mixed them up, and put a whole new garment together.

Years later I struck a bland spot in shopping again and could not seem to be satisfied with what the shops had to offer, so I decided to start making my own clothes again. I thought if I am going through the whole process of designing, pattern making, sampling and manufacturing, I might as well do it on a bigger scale and share my God-given creativity with the world.

The dream with GreyC is to inspire woman to be free. To be confident and courageous. As my garments are definitely not subtle, they will take you out of your comfort zone to explore a happier and free spirited you.

Over the past few years, you moved on from 7de Laan, joined the Legacy cast, had a baby, opened a new business and are expecting another baby – congratulations! How have all these changes impacted you and your family life, and how do you manage to juggle it all?

Prayers, prayers and more prayers. Having a lot going on in your life is such a blessing, but it can also start stealing from your existing blessings. God, my husband and family are my very first priorities.

When things get too much you forget about your first priories and blessings. Balance is important and you have to make time to sit – just sit and breathe. If you don’t come back to base, you won’t have the tools to make the next adventure. You have to recoup, make your lists and divide all the items on your checklist in a practical manner. Do not underestimate lists – I would forget absolutely everything if it wasn’t for my lists.

Does your second pregnancy feel different from your first, and what are you most looking forward to?

It is definitely different in the sense that I am much more relaxed about the specifics and physical aspects of the pregnancy. With my firstborn I had no idea what to expect, so I was glued to my phone and refreshed my app every hour to see if little Heidi had grown a new bone or developed a new sense. Now I just enjoy my baby bump without worrying and wondering the whole time. Also, with a busy toddler, there is more than enough happening outside of my body that keeps me from constantly wondering about what is happening inside my body.

What are the highs and lows of being a career woman and a wife and mother? What does being a mother mean to you, and how does your creativity and drive guide your parenting style?

Being driven by the constant need to learn and experience new things, does come with the threat of never being fully present in one specific area. When you are thriving in your career, you cannot help but think how much time it took to get there. And how much time it means you are not spending with your family. When you are thriving in your role as a wife or mother, you sometimes forget about the importance of your role at work.

I believe you are born with certain dreams, and some dreams are developed. Since I was a kid, I have always dreamt about being an actress. Having a little kid only truly became a dream when I had one. Then that dream, of being a mother became bigger than the one I have had my whole life. Luckily God has created us as flexible beings, so we can adapt and create new paths for ourselves.

Since becoming a mum, what has been the biggest change you have experienced as an individual?

I think the biggest lesson that I have learnt is that we can do much more; we were created to be so much more than what we give ourselves credit for. Before kids I thought I was broke. Before kids I thought I was busy. Before kids I thought I didn’t have enough space for everything. Now, that I have kids I realise I was only bad at planning and managing all those things. I have achieved more in the last two and a half years since Heidi was born, than I have in all my 20s. The more you have to do, the more you get done.

Being the mother of a daughter and with another daughter on the way, what is the most crucial life lesson you want to impart to your girls?

You are a strong and independent, but real woman. If something breaks, fix it yourself. If your hair is messy, own it. If your clothes are creased, say it is because you have lived a full and prosperous day. If you want to cry, let the tears flood freely and with confidence because you are a real human being. Love and cherish your sister, she will be your mentor, your teammate and your best friend for life. But above all, be a Proverbs 31:25 woman: “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”.

From your fashion brand to your growing career in television, your personality and individuality continues to shine through. What advice do you have for women with regard to pursuing their dreams?

Time is a beautiful thing. It is one of the most powerful things on earth, and there are not many things like time to keep us humble. We have no control. We must be patient. We must have faith. If it needs to happen, it will most definitely happen, in time. If not, it was not meant to be. Use time wisely. Do not sit still and wait for the right time, the journey is just as important as the arrival.

Covid-19 brought about a lot of changes. How has it impacted you and your family, and could you share what are some of the key lessons you have taken away from this pandemic?

The time we live in can destroy us or renew us. It is a time for all of us to be opportunists. We have to grab every opportunity we have to make amends where needed, to build relationships, to tell the people we love how much we love them. If ever our eyes were opened to how fragile life is, it is now. Make sure you are building your legacy. Make sure you are doing all you can to bring heaven to earth, as that is what we are here to do.

What is next on the horizon for Reandi?

An action movie! I am declaring it and putting it out in the universe as that would be such a highlight and dream come true for my career. I would also like to open a GreyC store and not sell only online.

Up close & personal with Reandi!

A typical day: Every day is different – just the way I like it. The less routine the better.

Fave movie: The Sound of Music

Fave series: The Queen’s Gambit

Fave food: Paella

Hobbies: Macrame and painting

Pet peeve: Being late

Superpower: Mother

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