Sue Duminy: Wife, Mom and Influencer

by Media Xpose

What’s the definition of a superwoman? Well, Sue Duminy fits the description. Model, wife(to SA Cricketer, JP Duminy) , mother, businesswoman and influencer. Sue does it all, while raising two little girls.

In our upcoming Winter edition, Sue talks about her journey through motherhood, balancing work & home life, and how she still finds time to travel the world.

Here are some questions we asked her, below: 

How do you balance your everyday life with being consistent on social media?

It all comes down to time management!  I will allocate certain times of the day to social media & admin. It helps to have structure and a certain set of guidelines to follow otherwise social media and work can really take over!  Having a certain amount of time set aside for social media not only makes me way more productive in that time but, it also takes away the “guilt” of constantly thinking of what needs to get done.

How do you stay motivated?

I think if you are passionate about something you will automatically be motivated.  I absolutely love creating content and funny clips, not only is it a creative outlet but when someone sends me a message and says they had a really bad day but my video or post really made them smile that is all worth it for me! I do what I love!

How do you stay up to date with news or new social media trends? 

To be honest, I don’t really go out of my way to stay up to date.  When I see something that inspires me or sparks an idea, I go with it! On Instagram I follow accounts that inspires me and where I can draw creativity from. Other than that I just do my own thing!

What do you want your audience to gain from Instagram? 

People want to experience true, honest and authentic content. They want to see real people, in real environments facing real challenges just like everyone else. No one wants to look at a photo that you can’t relate to. Especially in these uncertain times I think people with influence should be sensitive to the current situation and be mindful of what content they put out there. My motto is when someone looks at your social media it should leave them feeling uplifted and restored or they should learn something from it which they can take with them and apply it in their lives.

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